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Design Process

Once you have decided to have a new home designed and built in the Prescott. Arizona area there will be about a million decisions to be made. While that may seem overwhelming at first, just relax, not all those decisions need to be made at once. In fact starting the design process early is one of my keys to making the Home Design process comfortable and fun. Yes fun, after all designing and building a new home should be fun and having plenty of time so as not to get “overwhelmed “ should be a key consideration.

Prescott, Arizona has long been known as a great place to live and retire. The weather is a main reason why and as I like to say , “We have 4 distinct seasons here, and none of them will hurt you!” We have the perfect climate if you are inclined to design solar which brings me back to your first selection, the Land. Your Site selection is certainly one of the biggest decisions to be made. Affecting home style ( single / multi level) solar opportunity, of course cost and the list goes on. I encourage you to take advantage of our
FREE Site Evaluation to help point out the strengths and weaknesses that exist. Western Plans has over twenty years experience guiding new home owners in the Prescott area through the design process. We can help you with all the “million little decisions” and the big ones as well.

I know of nothing more fun and rewarding than planning your dream and then watching as your dream unfolds into reality. Give me a call to set up an on Site meeting and let me show you the possibilities before you.